We are a vertically integrated company. We are currently basic in many assembly technologies common in the medical device field. Additionally, we have developed strategic relationships with vendors to allow us to get rapid service in most of our key components.

However as contractors, our customer base changes as our customer’s product lines change or jobs are brought in house. For this reason NASP expertise extends far beyond the activities that are currently running on our production floor. In the past, we have run a much larger variety of different operations. We can tap this experience and help you to get your project moving faster. We can function as an important extension of your technical staff.

Solvent Bonding

Our customers have varying requirements for solvent bonding of parts. We use solvents and alcohol to effect bonds. Solvent bonds are subject to the same validation strategies as our processes and our test methods are validated.

Adhesive Applications – All kinds

Increasingly our assembly processes involve Ultraviolet (UV) adhesives. UV has the advantage of being easily dispensed in infinitely variable formats and quantities with very close tolerances. Curing of the bond is well controlled in a validated process. Often the adhesive can be inspected using UV lighting with very good results. We have experience with Cyanoacrylate, water based adhesives, and silicone adhesives and can work with whatever your design team requires.


NASP has trained soldering operators certified to Standard

Sonic Welding

We have several sonic welding operations.
Equipment is fully validated and output records can be provided.

Die Cutting

NASP has cutters for a variety of stock.

NASP specializes in hard to handle materials such as Hydrogels in a wide range of sizes and we have an inventory of dies. We also cut large format orthopedic products, and sheet High Impact Poly Styrene.