For more than two decades, NASP has been a leader in medical device packaging. We provide medical contract packaging services, operating over a wide range of package types, processes, and product volumes.

  • Some of our customers have relatively simple products that involve very basic operations, but some are quite complex. We have products that consist of hundreds of parts with very complicated sub-assemblies.
  • We also have customers with lot sizes of six (6) units, but who require many lots each month.
  • We have products with extensive component lot traceability requirements and complicated expiration dating requirements.

It is difficult to categorize a “typical” medical device packaging project. Every job tends to be unique and has necessitated the ability to be nimble and creative. Whatever your particular needs, we have probably done something similar to it.

Impulse Sealing

Our equipment is validatable and may operate with or without vacuum evacuation. Good for low volume runs or start-up production levels.

Rotary Band Sealing

Digitally controlled fully validated band sealers meet the production needs for mid-range projects. These are efficient and accurate machines, they produce highly reliable seals.

Automatic Bagging

Non sterile operations can benefit for the use of “Bag- on- a-roll”. These are low cost packages but can be configured in a multitude of ways to provide product information or opening features.

Flow Wrapping

Certain applications may benefit from the high speed applications of flow wrapping equipment.

Blister Sealing

We have rotary sealers for mid to high range packaging of preformed blisters (Trays). This method is popular with customers that require additional protection of the product, or wish to provide internal structure to hold the product in a certain orientation. NASP has developed excellent relations with several local vendors to produce high quality sealing tools. We also have several strategic vendors that offer superb thermoform design and manufacturing services. Our volume allows us to keep excellent pricing advantage and rapid turnaround time for new designs.

We have produced simple rectilinear trays, complicated large cavitation trays, high precision clamshells, and large format clamshells. We do package within a package, very deep trays and multiple cavity products. In short we are currently producing, or have produced, a wide array of thermoformed medical device packaging.

In-line Form Fill Seal

We have a Mahaffy &Harder Form Fill Seal machine capable of high speed packaging. This equipment is suitable for higher volume products. Current projects will shortly add enhancements for further quality and cost benefits.

When volume warrants, we can run a very low cost package on this equipment.